The Grumpy Queen:

The Grumpy Queen was so grumpy that she made everyone around her miserable. One day however, thanks to the children in the palace, she finds something to change her mood forever. Originally created to support the launch of the F.R.E.D programme (Father Reading Every Day) this fun story promotes the joy of reading, as well as teaching children to look on the brighter side of life!

For EYFS and Year 1 children. 30mins.

The Enormous Crocodile:

Meet a selection of animals in the African jungle that team up with the audience to expel a hungry crocodile who seems determined to do something
very nasty. This storytelling was originally conceived for a book week project and includes original music and extracts from Roald Dahl’s song and verse.

For EYFS and KS1 children. 30mins.


Join the stars of the fairyland cabaret for a show unlike any other…
Guided by your hosts the Puck sisters - peek behind the scenes and help save the show from falling apart as its stars Oberon and Titania struggle to get along and a hopeful actor gets caught up in their games. Celebrate love and friendship in this fast paced story of mischief and magic with original music and audience participation. Not only will it inspire and entertain but also provides a fun accessible introduction to one of Shakespeare’s famous plays.

For EYFS and KS1 children. 40mins.

The Twits:

Track the terrible behaviour of the trickster Twits and the heroic deeds of the animals that live with them. It’s certainly time to give these two a taste of their own medicine in this hilarious interactive retelling of the famous tale.

For upper KS1 and lower KS2 children. 45mins.

Revolting Rhymes:

I guess you think you know these stories. You don’t, the real ones are much more gory!

An imaginative retelling of three of Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes: Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs and Goldilocks. This fun show provides an exemplary pre curser to performance work or creative writing.

For KS2 Children. 45mins.

The Three Cajun Pigs:

A lively retelling of the classic tale, set in South Louisiana with rhyme, song and dancing. With plenty of chance for participation the audience will help the three sibling pigs teach the cheeky alligator a lesson! A good introduction to traditional tales and their different versions, this show promotes cultural understanding with games and bluegrass music.

For EYFS and KS1 children. 40mins.

What If:

A madcap journey exploring the story of the Three Little Pigs and it’s many versions and possible endings. From a terrifying wolf to an unlikely friendship the audience will not only have a lot of fun but will also discover how to research, build and create a story as a brand new version unfolds in front of them. Originally designed for reading week this show has great literacy links, sparking imagination and inspiring and informing reading, writing and oracy skills.

For KS2 Children. 1hr.

La Sorcière de la rue Mouffetard:

Madame, vous qui êtes vieille et laide, vous deviendrez jeune et jolie !

Meet a witch who will do anything within her power to achieve eternal beauty. Will her evil plans work or will she get her comeuppance? This interactive storytelling is fully immersive, using only French. It develops cultural as well as linguistic awareness with physical play and visual clues.

For KS1 and KS2 children. 30mins.




Join the Dots uses drama exercises to explore a particular curriculum subject, topic or theme. From a one hour one-off workshop to a term long course, we can tailor make it to fit around your schedule and other activities. Most of our workshops also come with a teacher’s pack of supporting material for follow up work in the classroom.


Meet the Greeks:

Put on your sandals and come and meet the Greeks! Students explore the ancient Greek world though extended role-play. Whether they are sculptors, architects, Spartans, athletes or slaves, they must use their knowledge to teach their peers. Taking a tour of a theatre, interviewing a philosopher and even working as a chorus to create a short performance themselves this workshop will provide a comprehensive overview of the topic, expanding students knowledge and drama and analytical skills. Originally designed as an hour and a half workshop for year 6 but suitable for all KS2.

Meet the Mayans:

Adventure to Central America and discover the land of the Mayans. First meeting some modern Mayan people, the students will learn about the stories and traditions of their culture; then they must crack the code that will transport them back in time to the ancient city of Tikal where they will have a go at farming, astronomy, a ball game, a beauty contest and a gory ceremony of human sacrifice! Including discussion, role-play and interactive performance, students will also devise their own scenes to reflect of the demise of the Mayans civilisation. This immersive workshop will provide a great overview of the topic whilst developing skills in drama and group work. Originally designed as an hour and a half workshop for year 6 but suitable for all KS2. 


What qualities do you need to be a good leader?

Delve into the dark and mysterious world of Macbeth in this immersive drama workshop that combines elements of performance as well as focusing on drama skills with plenty of time for reflection and observation. Witness the prophecies of the witches upon the heath and let the porter show you around the castle leaving you the keys to unlock the story. Students will create their own mini pieces of drama, take part in group discussion as well as observing and reflecting upon snapshots of the play performed by Join the Dots. A good introduction to the story and plot or something to enhance follow up writing or further drama work. KS2

The Tempest:

O brave new world!

Starting with a great sea storm, students will dive into the world of the Tempest, discovering a strange island and the characters who dwell there. Setting out on a mission to uncover the people and the plot and work out how to resolve their problems. Students will use speaking and listening skills, body and imagination as they meet and follow characters from the story, encounter Shakespeare's text, explore relationships and devise dramatic scenes themselves. This is an immersive workshop that challenges students to suspend their disbelief, work together and be creative. Providing a great overview of the play and some moral reflection as well as touching on wider themes and developing drama skills. KS2.

Mask magic:

Come and play with emotional full masks or character half masks and tranform yourself into someone completely different. Students will learn basic mask tachnique including physical play, points of focus and voice to then move onto character creation using stories and improvisation. Perfect for building confidence, body awareness, physical expression, comedy timing, oracy and general performance skills. can be adapted for any length of time and age group from KS2 upwards.

Roald Dahl poetry workshop:

In this interactive workshop designed for upper KS2 students the participants examine Dahl’s weird and wonderful language, create their own words and use Dahl’s storytelling techniques to distort and devise their own original fairy tales using language, voice and drama games. The workshop culminates in a presentation to peers. This workshop provides excellent links to literacy as well as developing speaking and listening skills.

Theatre through the ages:

Embark upon an exciting journey investigating how theatre began and how it has developed over time, exploring prominent theatrical periods in history and picking up important performance skills along the way.






Originally designed as a 5 stage course for year 6 students, this scheme of work can be adapted for differing age groups or time scales. Each session can be delivered as an individual drama workshop as well as in a series leading towards a presentation sharing their discoveries.



British Heart Foundation weekend stunner:

As part of a 3 day residential for a group of 35 young people with heart conditions, Join the Dots used drama, mask, film, music, art and movement to create an original piece of verbatim devised theatre which the young people then performed to an invited audience at the end of the weekend.

We created an online forum space to share ideas and used these and others generated in the workshops to explore personal experiences and the relationship that each participant had with his/her own illness. The process not only gave the participants a chance to talk about and explore a difficult subject, but also provided a platform for them to share experiences, discover more about themselves and find different ways to express their thoughts, feelings and stories.



Le Rosey International School, Switzerland:

Join the Dots has collaborated with Le Rosey since 2011 and creates a bilingual performance piece each year for the school as part of their summer camp programme. This involves music, singing, short film and theatre production for international participants aged 8-14. Previous projects include:

– Odessa and the magic Goat (adapted from John Agard)

– The Chair (adapted from Geoff Bamber)

– The wonderful world of Roald Dahl (adapted from Roald Dahl stories & poetry)

– Matilda (adapted from Roald Dahl/Tim Minchin)

– Le Rosey potted theatre history (Join the Dots)

Unison World School:

Since 2015 Join the Dots have partnered with Unison World School in Dehra’dun, India to deliver an intensive week long theatre course for around 75 of their students each year.  Throughout the daily workshops the students develop their theatre skills through games, mask work, music, voice, text work and physical play, working towards a final performance at the end of the week to share their learning to the rest of the students, staff and invited guests in the school's amphitheatre. Past course themes have included the stories of Roald Dahl and Shakespeare. This year the focus will be on mask, clown and comedy.

“Both performers were amazing and we had them last year, it was a pleasure to have them again children loved the workshop and couldn’t stop talking about it.”

                                                                                                                                                                 Miss Hunjan - Ilderton Primary School

“The children received a great introduction to the topic, learning in a

fresh and stimulating way.”

                                                                                                                                                                               Tom Dennis - Buxton Primary School