story shows

Part workshop, part performance, our interactive sessions allow participants to dive into the world of the play using Mantle of the expert and Forum Theatre techniques to empower students to look, interrogate and create together. Our Shakespeare workshops are usually 90 minute sessions with two actor facilitators, but we also offer a play in a day experience if you’d like more focus on the group developing their theatre making skills and performing Shakespeare.



What qualities do you need to be a good leader?

Delve into the dark and mysterious world of Macbeth in this immersive drama workshop that combines elements of performance as well as focusing on drama skills with plenty of time for reflection and observation. Witness the prophecies of the witches upon the heath and let the porter show you around the castle leaving you the keys to unlock the story. Students will create their own mini pieces of drama, take part in group discussion as well as observing and reflecting upon snapshots of the play performed by Join the Dots. A good introduction to the story and plot or something to enhance follow up writing or further drama work. KS2


The Tempest:

O brave new world!

Starting with a great sea storm, students will dive into the world of the Tempest, discovering a strange island and the characters who dwell there. Setting out on a mission to uncover the people and the plot and work out how to resolve their problems. Students will use speaking and listening skills, body and imagination as they meet and follow characters from the story, encounter Shakespeare’s text, explore relationships and devise dramatic scenes themselves. This is an immersive workshop that challenges students to suspend their disbelief, work together and be creative. Providing a great overview of the play and some moral reflection as well as touching on wider themes and developing drama skills. KS2.